This is the home page for WebJump, a completely web-based interface to the Solaris JumpStart environment. WebJump is designed to be an intuitive method for adding and modifying the machine settings, configurations, and scripts. WebJump will be capable of custom profiles, patching, specialized begin and finish scripts, custom package additions, and various disk setups incuding mirroring. It is written entirely in Perl and CGI, in a non- object-oriented way (because I suck at object-oriented programming).

Currently the project is still in the beginning stages, most of the main screens have been written, but a lot of the basic functionality still needs to be completed and debugged. Also, some of the usability needs to be worked on, as I am not the most skilled web designer. I am a systems administrator by day, and I started writing this to further expand my skills in perl and CGI as well as to build a tool I could use every day. Hopefully this will grow into a tool others can use.

For more information on the status of the project or to check out a copy of the files, goto the Sourceforge project page, or check out the CVS web interface.

Right now there are no mailing lists, but I hope to be setting them up soon. I'm not too worried about it, as I am currently the only developer.

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